Plant oils have powerful and wonderful effects on the body and mind! NannyP Skin Treats offers a whole line of organic products for you to browse.

The NannyP Story

Ethel, my grandmother and the namesake of NannyP Skin Treats was born on an Indian reservation in Pollock, South Dakota. One of 11 children, her parents owned a dry goods general store. Nanny in the most remote of places took an interest in plant medicine. She experimented with natural plants and ingredients, learned much from Native Americans, and discovered those secrets that later on would be the basis for NannyP Skin Treats. Nanny passed down her knowledge to her daughters and granddaughters.

I have studied for many years to understand the chemistry and safety standards of the plants I work with. There are many sellers who do not know how to use these oils and herbs properly. Make sure you check credentials!

Please ask me about making custom aromatherapy party favors for your big event! Like 2 oz organic bug sprays for a botanical garden wedding! Yes, I’ve done that!

Aromahead Institute For Essential Oil Study Certification

Graduate Student of Aromatherapy

Essential Oil Chemistry Program

Teacher Training Program

I live in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

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